Historic Crimes Con

A True Crime and Serial Killer Convention!


2022 Special Guests & Lecturers 

Check out the awesome Special Guests we have lined up for the 2022 Historic Crimes Con!


John Borowski - Documentary Filmmaker

John Borowski is an award winning independent filmmaker and author whose film works have garnered international acclaim and are distributed internationally on dvd, television, and streaming. Borowski’s “historical horror” trilogy of documentary films focus on late nineteenth and early twentieth century serial killers.

John will be talking his research into John Wayne Gacy and his upcoming TV Series about the Killer Clown.  John's presentation is at 6:45PM.


Brian Ward - True Crime Historian

Brian Ward has been interested and has researched “dark history” for over 30 years. He has put on the Dark History and Horror Con annually since 2014. In his pursuit of knowledge in this realm, he has met and befriended numerous luminaries in the field. He counts the time he spent with Dennis Murphy (lead investigator on Jeffrey Dahmer), as one of his top moments in the genre. Brian has visited numerous locations related to “dark history” and looks forward to adding more locations and acquaintances to his ever growing list.


Brian will be talking about research on Jeffrey Dahmer.  Brian's presentation is at 5:30PM.


Steve Giannangelo - Retired Invesigator

Stephen J. Giannangelo is a retired Criminal Investigator for the State of Illinois. He has taught Serial Murder and Psychology of the Offender for over 20 years at the University of Illinois Springfield in the Criminology & Criminal Justice Department. Mr. Giannangelo is the Author of 3 books: The Psychopathology of Serial Murder: A Theory of Violence (1996); Real-Life Monsters: A Psychological Examination of the Serial Murder (2012) and Monsters in the Mirror: Reflections on the Study of Serial Murder (2022). He provides written and in-person consulting and  commentary through his company Killer Insights, LLC. (

Steve will be talking about his research in Criminal Psychology.  Steve's presentation is at 2:30PM.


Judith A. Jates - Criminologist

Criminologist Judith A. Yates is an award-winning true crime author with over 30 years experience in law enforcement and education. She is the Director of Best True Crime Books, Games & Video LLC. which utilizes various resources to inform and educate about crime. The game themes are historical crimes or investigations, placing the players in a position to solve crimes or assist victims. Ms. Yates' videos and podcasts cover various locations to explore criminal justice and dark history. She is a victim's advocate and supports first responders.
Ms. Yates is currently completing her PhD in Criminology. She is involved in animal rescue, is addicted to bottled Cokes and has a phobia of alligators. Her website is 

Judy will be talking about the history of Female Bank Robbers.  Judy's presentation is at 1:00PM.


Tony Szabelski - Historian

Tony is a long-time Chicagoland paranormal investigator, having belonged to several paranormal groups in the area. Tony has also appeared on My Ghost Story on the Biography Channel, and on Fox News.

Tony takes great pride in what he does and loves sharing the haunted and true crime history of the Chicago area with visitors and natives alike. He also hosted the Chicago Hauntings video series for CBS Chicago.

Tony will be talking about the Devil in the White City, HH Holmes.  Tony's presentation is at 11:30AM.